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The difference between led traffic signals and traditional light source traffic lights

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According to the classification of light source, traffic signals can be divided into led traffic signals and traditional light source traffic signals. But as led traffic lights continue to be used, many cities are using led traffic lights to replace traditional light traffic lights. So what's the difference between led traffic lights and traditional light source traffic lights?

The difference between led traffic signals and traditional light source traffic lights:

1. Service life:

Led traffic lights have long working life, generally up to 10 years. Considering the impact of outdoor environment, life expectancy should be reduced to five to six years and no maintenance is required.

Traditional traffic lights, such as incandescent lamps and halogen lamps, have shorter life spans. They have trouble changing light bulbs. They need to be replaced 3-4 times a year and maintenance costs are high.

2. Design aspects:

The design of led traffic signals in optical system design, electrical parts, heat dissipation measures and structure are obviously different from those of traditional light sources. Since it is designed to consist of multiple LED luminaries, LED traffic signals can be adjusted to form a variety of patterns themselves. And can make all sorts of color a body, the various signal into an organic whole, make the same lamp body space can give more traffic information, configuration more traffic plan, can also through the design of the different parts of the LED switch into a dynamic pattern of signals, so that the mechanical traffic signals become more humane, more vivid.

The traditional light source traffic signal lamp is mainly composed of optical system consists of light source, lamp holder, reflector, and light cover, there are still some deficiencies in some respects, can't like led traffic lights, adjust the layout of the led, let itself to form a variety of patterns. These are hard to achieve with traditional light sources.

3. No false display:

LED traffic signal light radiation spectrum is narrowband, monochromatic, no filter, the light from its light source can be used basically. Because it's not like an incandescent bulb, you have to add a reflective bowl to get all the light forward. And there is no light itself, do not need colored lens filter to the light, so as to solve the issue of false display effect and lens color drift, not only high brightness than incandescent bulbs on the traffic light more than 3 to 4 times, and more visual distance.

The traditional light source traffic signal needs to use the filter to get the desired color, so the utilization rate of the light is greatly reduced, so the signal intensity of the final signal is not high. And the use of color and reflector cup as the optical system of the traditional light source traffic lights, the interference of light, such as the sun or light irradiation reflection can make the person produces the illusion, the light will not work for working condition, namely "false show", which is likely to make an accident.

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