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What are the characteristics of LED explosion-proof lights?

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LED explosion-proof lamps, belongs to a kind of special industry with electrical equipment, mainly solve the problem of lighting, it includes the lamp shell, set up in the chimney of the front lamp shell, set up on the inside of the lamp shell light and battery, the Settings to switch on the surface of the lamp shell, whose character is:

The luminous body is a large power LED module with wide voltage input drive circuit between the photobody and the battery; The wide voltage input drive circuit includes constant current chip, constant current chip and battery power module, LED module connected to constant current chip, power module and LED module glue seal together; The lamp cover is welded with the lamp shell for ultrasonic wave.

It USES the characteristic of low heat of LED, realizes the essential security level explosion-proof, and LED lamp life is long; The battery keeps a constant brightness at the end of full charge and end of the discharge. The heat dissipation device is set up on the lamp housing, which can realize the effective heat dissipation of the LED module and ensure the stability of the application. It is applicable to the lighting of coal, oil, railway, flood and other industries.

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