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How to extend the life of LED explosion-proof lamp in the sun

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Some places that need to use explosion-proof lamps, because of plant equipment adjustment, or factory building changes, can the explosion of explosion-proof lamps in the sun for a long time, can it be harmful?

Led explosion-proof lamps are exposed to the sun for a long time, which has little effect on its explosion-proof ability, but it can aggravate the aging of led explosion-proof lamps and reduce the life of explosion-proof lamps. Explosion-proof lights usually have the requirement of environment temperature, if the environment temperature is too high, explosion-proof lamp work itself produces a lot of heat at the same time, can't send out for a long time, fixed around the explosion-proof lamp, adding explosion-proof lamp aging.

Led explosion-proof lamps fasteners are using stainless steel materials, these materials have heat bilges cold shrink memory ability, long expansion screws and threaded clingy, explosion-proof lamp lamps and lanterns is using other material is easy to rust, it is easy to generate rusty spot, maintenance time is not easy to remove later.

And whether the lamps and lanterns of led lamp or ordinary, the use of wires, outside of the rubber under high temperature for a long time, also will lose its own characteristics, easy to hardening, rupture, some gently pull is broken, so, could be dangerous.

Therefore, it is better not to be in the direct sunlight, frequent maintenance, maintenance of explosion-proof lamps, and the frequent replacement of explosion-proof lamps. The most important thing, of course, is security.

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