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What are the classification of traffic signals according to their use?

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Traffic lights according to the detailed classification of purpose: traffic lights have a round of red, yellow and green lights and arrow pattern, in time to change way, assigned to different directions of traffic travel way; Or a circular light with only red and green color, to control the traffic of one-way wheel. It is usually set on the intersection of intersection or in the direction of one-way control.

According to operation mode can be divided into:

The timing signal traffic light traffic signal light

Pedestrian-only lamp is used with traffic control signals, accompanied by "standing on the pedestrian" and "walking pedestrians" design of the square red and green lights, controls the amiable form of pedestrians crossing the street, in the fork in the road or road in the middle.

Special traffic lights include:

Lane control signal light system with the square red, green and green light with the cross shape and arrow, the right to use the lane, located in the middle of the road or toll booth.

When the four lights are at the junction, the signal light (for T.Y) or for a left turn. Turn right. Enter the intersection, which will limit the left time of the vehicle.

Long phase when crossing five lights phase signal (used for intersection, about three lanes to turn left red, yellow, and green arrow and green arrow, and turn right to advance green arrow 5 lights to control vehicle travel and limit the vehicle turn left time).

The railway crossing signal lamp is a circular double-flashing red light, which prohibits pedestrians and vehicles from crossing the railway.

The circle of pedestrian crossing signals in a parallel double flash yellow Color lights, warning is close to the vehicle should be slow down, in the event of a pedestrian crossing must pause for pedestrians crossing the street priority, in zebra pedestrians crossing in front of the line.

Special flash flash of light in a single mirror red or yellow color lights, warned close to the vehicle of the road ahead, should first stop or slow down, depending on the road again to amiable form, in the fork in the road or dangerous road before.

The blind audio signals in a pedestrian-only semaphore or pedestrian crossing signals with fixed installation way of sound source audio told that blind people can pass the direction and warnings to the blind people have passed the motoring. Depending on the intersection of a fork or road in the vicinity of a blind person's trip.

Ramp instrument control signal system by means of red, yellow and green colors of circular lights or change of color red, and green lights, control of the vehicle on the entrance ramp to achieve the purpose of restricting vehicles to expressway mainline, located in the entrance ramp and the connection of the acceleration lane position. The way it works can be timed signal lights or traffic adjustment signals.

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