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The installation of several common traffic lights

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The installation of traffic lights is as follows:

(1) cantilever

Cantilever 1: suitable for the installation of a branch. In order to maintain the spacing of the lamp, generally only one to two sets of lights are installed, and this kind of installation is sometimes used to pave the stoplight.

Cantilever type 2: suitable for installation of the main road, the requirement to the lamp pole is higher, especially in the lanes and non-motor vehicle lanes without green isolation, in order to satisfy the lamp installation position requirements, must use a long horizontal arm, lighting installation at the kerb back 2 m. The superiority of this kind of installation method is adapted to multiphase intersection signal facilities installation and control, reduce the difficulty of engineering cable laying, especially in complex is easier to design a variety of traffic intersection signal control plan.

Arms hanging 3: driving is a kind of is not recommended, only suitable for the zoning is wide, the import lanes more under the condition of installation, and need to be in the intersection import and export of installing two sets at the same time, therefore is a kind of very waste form.

Cantilever 4: suitable for import lane not very much, and the signal lamp horizontal installation.

2 pillar

The post installation is generally used for the application of the support signal, the installation of the right and left side of the exit lane, also can be installed on the left and right side of the entrance lane.

(3) gantry

The door type is the lane traffic signal control mode, which is suitable for installation at the entrance of the tunnel or changing the rudder of the rudder.

(4) attached type

The semaphore of the transverse arm is mounted horizontally, and the vertical installation of the vertical lever can be used as a beacon. It can be used as a pedestrian - bicycle signal.

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